OK… let’s cut right to the chase.  You’re a busy parent and you’re crazy enough to add one more thing to your plate.  That’s right, your plate, sailing is a commitment for both you and your junior.  You need to be involved for them to succeed at the racing level.  Don’t take this to mean you should buy a coach boat and follow them around all day, but you need to step in and get to know the program your child is sailing in and ask how you can help.  Sailing is the greatest lifelong adventure your kids will ever know… congrats for opening up this world to them.

To start please review our junior programs list to find the organizations in your area offering opportunities for junior sailing and are members of the ECSA (Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association)

If you are brand new to junior racing and have a young child (6-13ish) you might want to check out our page about green fleet Opti racing.

More about Age limits and eligibility information can be found here.

Once you know the program and where you are sailing look here at the calendar and you will find further links with details about how to attend and register for the complete list of ECSA Events Calendar here.

Lastly please plan ahead and register for regattas on the Regatta’s and Results pages.  For those ready to move up to the championship levels please see the various opportunities for you on the menu under championship events.

We hope you find this site informative and current.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us!