Paul Risseeuw Sportsmanship Award

2017     Peter Cronin     Mudratz

Peter Cronin

Peter Cronin is continuously a role model for all the youth sailors in the ECSA. He always looks to be a friendly face toward his fellow sailors. Peter is hard-working, supportive of others, and always trying to make others smile and enjoy the sport of sailing.

He believes that sailing is not only about getting around the course before everyone else, it’s about creating ever-lasting friendships with those around you. His enthusiasm towards the sport of sailing is like no other and he shares his passion by being a part-time Sailing Instructor at Ram Island Yacht Club during the summer.

Although many of the events he attends are outside of the ECSA (including BEG, 420 Nationals and Buzzards Bay), he has never failed to come back and continue participating in ECSA regattas with his goal to bring as many people into the sport as possible. Peter is a companionable young man who always puts a smile on my face and many others throughout the ECSA.