Team Racing


Not yet updated for 2020


The ECSA Team Racing Finals are scheduled for August 13th at Yale Corinthian YC. Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams at the ECSA Annual Awards. The top two teams from the East and West will be invited based on the ECSA Regional Team Racing Qualifiers. (*see note below on why some years we take three teams).

The ECSA will host two ECSA Regional Team Racing Qualifiers in locations TBD. Teams West of the Thames River and teams East of the Thames River will form the two regions. If due to weather we are not able to get in full rotations we will continue on the next consecutive day(s) until complete.

Teams will be seeded at the ECSA Regional Team Racing Qualifiers based on the results of Monday Scrimmages. Monday Scrimmages are encouraged for local teams to practice team racing together, but teams are NOT required to participate in order to attend the ECSA Regional Team Racing Qualifiers which will be open to all Eligible Teams in the ECSA.

By July 4th clubs wishing to participate in the Monday Scrimmages should notify the ECSA by email to A suggested Monday Scrimmages schedule will be emailed out to all interested teams by July 9th. These Monday Scrimmages will follow the general format of preceding years scheduled starting at 1pm. Ideally, these matches are a short-course format, with a best of five series, and coaching is highly encouraged while scrimmages are taking place. The results of these Monday Scrimmages will be used to seed the teams for the ECSA Regional Team Racing Qualifiers. Wins will count as one point, losses will count as ½ a point, forfeits will not earn either team any points. Winning teams shall report scores to, scores not reported within 24 hours shall be considered forfeits for both teams.

Eligible Teams – Sailors on each team must be legitimate members of the club or association they represent. Once a Sailor enters the ECSA Regional Team Racing Qualifiers for one club or association, s/he may not sail for any other club even if s/he is a member of both clubs or associations. Full time paid sailing instructors may sail on teams provided they are legitimate members of the club or association they represent and cannot reach 19 years of age in the current calendar year.

*Traditionally ECSA takes two from east and two from west. If Yale is not in the top two, than we invite a third east team to allow Yale to sail as the host. A good rotation in one day is very hard with six teams but doable if there is wind.